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WSFS Bank Chester Springs


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About Us

How do you get to be nearly 200 years old in a world that's constantly changing? For us, the answer has always been the same: create a team of Associates who are passionate about serving the community, and success will follow. Our Mission and Values serve as essential reminders about who we are and how we do business.

We Stand for Service® is our mission and our daily call to action. Since 1832, WSFS has been a service-oriented, locally managed community banking institution serving Delaware Valley families and businesses of all sizes. We strive to meet our Customers’ ever-changing banking needs and promise to exceed their expectations each and every day. As we serve, we strengthen, and as we strengthen, we have more opportunities to serve. It’s a virtuous cycle that enriches our organization and our community.

Our Values

Our values are the core of our culture and make us who we are. They’re something that make our organization special and unique. At WSFS we:

Do the right thing
Serve others
Are welcoming, open and candid
Grow and improve