Fiorenza's Food for Friends (F4)

Fiorenza's Food for Friends (F4)


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About Us

F4's mission is to connect sources of food to other nonprofit organizations that feed the hungry. We operate as an unpaid broker providing services to food donors and recipient agencies at no cost. Our Food Rescue and Food Drive programs enable corporations, small businesses, and communities to give back to local nonprofit organizations.

F4 is the largest food recovery organization in Chester County, PA. We have provided access to more than 6 million pounds of food to nonprofit organizations that feed the hungry throughout the U.S. and Canada.

F4 is a secular organization founded and operating on Christian principles. F4 does not accept government funding and is supported by corporations, foundations, and individuals.

F4 is seeking NEW sources of food donations from businesses to help support other nonprofits feed food insecure people in their local communities.

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